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How do I become a Real Estate Broker?

In order to qualify for licensure as a real estate broker, an applicant must have at least two years of

experience as a licensed real estate salesperson or at least three years of experience in the general real

estate field (e.g., buying and selling your own property, managing property owned by your employer),

have satisfactorily completed both the qualifying salesperson course of 75 hours and an additional 45

hour real estate broker course as approved by the Secretary of State, and have passed a qualifying

examination administered by the Department.

                                                                                                                                              NYS Department of State


                              Broker 45 Hr. Course
                         Registration:  917-337-7381
                   Tuition:   $350  plus  $40   Textbook
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Complete C1 to C10 Chapters in any Order


                                     C1)  The Broker's Office
                                     C2)  Real Estate Agency Disclosure
                                     C3)  Real Estate Finance
                                     C4)  Real Estate Investments
                                     C5)  General Business Law
                                     C6)  Construction and Development
                                     C7)  Conveyance of Real Property and Title Closing
                                     C8)  Real Estate Property Management
                                     C9)  Taxes and Assessments and Math
                                     C10)   School Exam

Class Schedule / Chapters

Day:  Date: Time: Chapter:
Tuesday 7/17/18 6:00pm Chapter C1
Thursday 7/19/18 6:00pm Chapter C2
 Tuesday 7/24/18 6:00pm  Chapter C3
 Thursday  7/26/18  6:00pm  Chapter C4
 Tuesday  7/31/18   6:00pm  Chapter C5
 Tuesday  8/07/18  6:00pm  Chapter C6
 Thursday  8/09/18  6:00pm  Chapter C7 
 Tuesday  8/14/18  6:00pm Chapter C8
 Tuesday  8/21/18  6:00pm Chapter C9 
 Thursday  8/23/18  6:00pm  Chapter C10
 Tuesday  8/28/18  6:00pm  Chapter C1
 Thursday  8/30/18   6:00pm   Chapter C2
 Tuesday  9/04/18  6:00pm  Chapter C3
 Tuesday  9/11/18  6:00pm  Chapter C4
 Thursday  9/13/18  6:00pm  Chapter C5
 Tuesday  9/18/18  6:00pm  Chapter C6
 Thursday  9/20/18  6:00pm  Chapter C7
 Tuesday  9/25/18  6:00pm  Chapter C8
 Thursday  9/27/18  6:00pm  Chapter C9
 Tuesday  10/02/18  6:00pm  Chapter C10
 Tuesday  10/09/18  6:00pm  Chapter C1
 Thursday  10/11/18  6:00pm  Chapter C2
 Tuesday  10/16/18  6:00pm  Chapter C3
 Thursday  10/18/18  6:00pm  Chapter C4
 Tuesday  10/23/18  6:00pm  Chapter C5
 Thursday  10/25/18  6:00pm  Chapter C6
 Tuesday  10/30/18  6:00pm  Chapter C7
 Tuesday  11/06/18  6:00pm  Chapter C8
 Thursday  11/08/18  6:00pm  Chapter C9
 Tuesday  11/13/18  6:00pm  Chapter C10

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                            Pay for Broker Textbook:   

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